Ridge Cafe Beech Forest

Victorian Cake-A-Thon Part 2: Old Beechy Rail Trail

Despite getting no sleep due to the generator, this was a brilliant day. Got to Beech Forest and started off down the rail trail but parts of it were closed due to logging, and the alternative meant trying to cycle along a really rough, stony surface.

At the start, before the track turned to rubble

Giving up after 6km (Neil’s idea – I didn’t whinge once) and returning to Beech Forest- uphill – we discovered the Ridge Café.  All my birthdays come at once: a warm day, sunshine, blue sky, sitting on a terrace overlooking endless forest with clouds still in the folds of the hills.  Plus ginormous cakes.

Neil's got his 'you're going to be sorry' face on again

Neil had the apple and cardamom and mine was the tiramisu.  I couldn’t finish mine, which was a first.

At that point, I could have slid under the table and had a snooze but we drove off to Gellibrand, part way along the trail, to see if it was a bit more navigable there.  Had a great ride through beautiful gum forest to I don’t know where but it was right at the top of another huge hill.

How did they get a train up here??

I’d metabolised the cake by this time so we turned round and had the most fantastic cycle back to the car – bombing downhill at scary speeds and completely wild.

Sometimes you really need to do stuff like that to remember that there’s more to life than financial services (and cake).