pushups technique

100 Pressups Challenge – Day 2

I did a Pump class on Sunday for the first time in ages and have been creaking around in agony ever since, so the last thing I wanted to do tonight was the wretched push ups.  I did them but the situps challenge will have to wait till tomorrow.

It was another set of 6, 6, 4, 4, then however many I could do, with a minute in between each set.  I had our sole functioning clock with a second hand with me so I could time it properly this time.

It all went ok surprisingly.   And I managed to do 10 at the end so that’s a definite improvement.  Then did another 10 because Neil couldn’t get his new camera to work properly.  That’s 40 pushups.  Here’s the apres shot.

The relief is obvious

Still not bending the arms to 90 degrees like Neil says I should.  Realised that even with everything sucked in, bits of me still hit the ground well before the 90 degree point.  The concern is that if it all gets onto the carpet I’ll never get it back up again.  My arms couldn’t cope.

There’s obviously more technique to this than meets the eye.  Will have to have a think about how I can improve.