plantar fasciitis

Plank World Record

Went to Pump yesterday and the instructor mentioned that a 68 year old had broken the world plank record –  33 minutes and 34 seconds.  He said immediately afterwards ‘it was really, really hard”.  Maybe the reporter should have given him 5 minutes to get over it all before going for the in-depth killer comment.

I do wonder how he passed the 33 minutes.  Reading Dostoevsky in Spanish perhaps?  Or memorising Pi to the 1,000th decimal point?  Or singing every entry in the Eurovision Song Contest backwards?  It would have to be something fairly hefty to get your mind off the agony.

I had my third go at the planking word record this evening and managed 44 seconds – 3 seconds more than Friday, which was 3 seconds longer than Wednesday. The consolation is that it must be doing some good.  Surely.

Still on 20 straight pushups which were very hard after yesterday’s pump class, but at least I’m doing them properly now.

Next physio session is Tuesday so doing the stretching twice a day and doing the frozen peas or frozen water bottle on my instep all evening.  I know my calf muscles are a bit stretchier but I can still feel the instep.

On a philosophical note, Neil and I have been discussing ert-ness.  On a scale of 1-10, I think Neil’s a 9 ie mega-ert, but he thinks he’s only a 6 (which leaves me not even on the scale).  I’m blaming my father’s side of the gene pool.  A couple of years ago, the doctor gave him a pedometer to encourage him to become fitter.  One day he got to 16 steps.  In a whole day.  I was appalled but Neil said that he must have an amazing bladder.

An interesting thought but perhaps not one that I need to dwell on.


Plank Challenge

After yesterday’s pushups, Neil came up with the insane idea of doing a Plank Challenge.

Planks are the worst form of torture.  I really admire people who can hold this position for ages.  I can’t – if they stick it on at the end of a Pump class I usually don’t even try.  I just lie on the floor in a little known variant of yoga’s ‘downward dog’ position, known as the ‘dead dog’.

After spending the evening rolling my instep over a bottle of frozen water, I did my calf muscle stretches and then had a go at a plank.  37  seconds.  I thought this was heroic for a first go but Neil just laughed.   Linda can  hold it for over 11 minutes.

While I’ve been typing up this blog entry, Neil’s been amusing himself doing his own plank challenge.  He can’t remember how long he went for ‘before I got bored’ but it was well over a minute.  He’s just offered to do it again if I don’t believe him.

Sometimes I could just spit.*

* Not at him, just generally (usually).

Week 7 – Sunday – Back to Basics

The physio said on Thursday that if the foot was ok at the weekend, I could try jogging again, so went out this morning at 5.30.  Nobody else was around except for loping-girl who turned up at the end.

I went for 27 minutes and it was fine, not even uncomfortable (Neil said it was due to being powered by the macaroni cheese he made for dinner last night).  I’m really surprised that I can still do this – I thought not doing anything for 2 weeks would mean going back to square 1.   Still very slow but that’s ok.  It feels like I’ve got a base level or something  rather than it being a real struggle every time.

Of course next time’s going to be terrible; this is just life laughing in my face and lulling me into a false sense of security (I’m reading a lot of Jack London at the moment).

I think the endorphin thing’s finally kicked in though.  I feel ridiculously cheerful and it’s not even 7am.

I’m going to take better care of myself from now on.  Done lots of stretching and there’s an ice pack on it now just in case.

Pedicure is imminent

I never thought I’d say this but I’ve really missed it – the dark, the dawn and the river.

Not too worried about the half marathon – I’ll turn up but will get chucked out at 11km and that’s fine.  I’ll find another one to do instead.

And congratulations Caroline for your 10km in an hour in the Lindfield Fun Run – that’s brilliant! 🙂