plank challenge

Plank Challenge

After yesterday’s pushups, Neil came up with the insane idea of doing a Plank Challenge.

Planks are the worst form of torture.  I really admire people who can hold this position for ages.  I can’t – if they stick it on at the end of a Pump class I usually don’t even try.  I just lie on the floor in a little known variant of yoga’s ‘downward dog’ position, known as the ‘dead dog’.

After spending the evening rolling my instep over a bottle of frozen water, I did my calf muscle stretches and then had a go at a plank.  37  seconds.  I thought this was heroic for a first go but Neil just laughed.   Linda can  hold it for over 11 minutes.

While I’ve been typing up this blog entry, Neil’s been amusing himself doing his own plank challenge.  He can’t remember how long he went for ‘before I got bored’ but it was well over a minute.  He’s just offered to do it again if I don’t believe him.

Sometimes I could just spit.*

* Not at him, just generally (usually).