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Victorian Cake-A-Thon Part 1

We’ve driven down to Ballarat in Victoria for the Easter break to take advantage of some of the rail trails as NSW doesn’t really do these.  Arrived on Easter Friday evening to bitter cold after leaving Sydney wearing shorts and t-shirts.

There is only 1 cycling rule:  All Cycle Routes Must Incorporate a Café Or I’m Not Going.

So on Saturday we cycled to Learmonth, home of the wonderful 3-2-1 café.

Except it was shut.

Cakeless in Learmonth

50km round trip and it’s shut.  Completely knackered and starving by the time we got back to Ballarat.

Sunday was a bit warmer and we did Ballarat to Buninyip. It’s only 9km but we managed to make it over 40km through not taking a map and getting lost a lot. The café was worth it – great coffee and stonking cakes.  You get to sit outside and they have rugs to put over your legs to keep the cold off.  Brilliant!

Post-cake delirium in Buninyip

Monday we cycled off to Ballan without a map, water or food.  I hadn’t had much breakfast so all the way I was fantasising about what I was going to STUFF myself with when I got to Ballan.

After 40km, we arrived and I arthritically unpeeled myself from my bike and crawled into the Red House Café.  A sign outside said ‘coffee, scones, books’.  How perfect is that?  Really good coffee, fab upside down raspberry polenta cake, lovely people plus a bookshop. It was absolutely the best and worth every cursed km.

A cake too far - Red House Cafe in Ballan

Neil’s got that look on his face which says ‘you’re going to regret that 2nd piece of cake’.  I did.

Tomorrow we’re driving to the Great Ocean Road.  Anything but sit on a bike.