100 pushups challenge

100 Pressups Challenge – Day 2

I did a Pump class on Sunday for the first time in ages and have been creaking around in agony ever since, so the last thing I wanted to do tonight was the wretched push ups.  I did them but the situps challenge will have to wait till tomorrow.

It was another set of 6, 6, 4, 4, then however many I could do, with a minute in between each set.  I had our sole functioning clock with a second hand with me so I could time it properly this time.

It all went ok surprisingly.   And I managed to do 10 at the end so that’s a definite improvement.  Then did another 10 because Neil couldn’t get his new camera to work properly.  That’s 40 pushups.  Here’s the apres shot.

The relief is obvious

Still not bending the arms to 90 degrees like Neil says I should.  Realised that even with everything sucked in, bits of me still hit the ground well before the 90 degree point.  The concern is that if it all gets onto the carpet I’ll never get it back up again.  My arms couldn’t cope.

There’s obviously more technique to this than meets the eye.  Will have to have a think about how I can improve.


Week 8 – Saturday – Day 1 of the 100 Pushups Challenge

The One Hundred Pushups Challenge gets you to a point over 6 weeks where you can do 100 consecutive pushups.  The schedule is 3 sessions a week so mine are on Saturdays,  Tuesdays and Thursdays.  I’m doing the ones on the toes rather than the knees, just because I like to make life really difficult for myself.

Each session has 5 sets of pushups with a minute in between for recovery. Today was 2 sets of 6, 2 sets of 4 and the final set was as many as you can manage – I got to 6.

Only 99 to go...

After the 1st round I got fed up waiting for the recovery minute to pass and would have started too early but Neil said it might be better to wait.  He was right – the second lot of 6 were definately a bit wobbly and the other sets turned into a rapid, progressive loss of control.

There’s an awful moment just after you start the pushup when you realise how much weight your arms and back are going to have to support.  You feel how feeble your arms are and how they’re the only things preventing an undignified impact, nose-first with the floor.  Neil videoed it and it was pretty ugly.  My arms had sussed it out and didn’t want to bend at all so there was a fair bit of derriere going up and down.

A pushup probably only lasts about 5 seconds but in that space of time I came to bitterly regret all the cake/chocolate/alcohol I’d had over the past week.  This is A Good Thing – a wake up call to make me realise what my body goes through carting myself around all week.  It would be very grateful if I lost 10kg.

uh oh....

This was advanced wobbling on the last pushup. I was very glad to stop.

Overall that was 26 semi-reasonable-ish pushups.

So, as I was sitting around feeling rather smug, I thought, what’ll I do now?

Linda at Ping Heng had suggested doing the 200 Situps Challenge  after Easter but seeing as there’s no time like the present, I got started on that as well.

I’d put myself in the middle category in terms of ability but it was too easy – I didn’t bother with the recovery periods, I just went through the whole thing.  I’ll switch to the difficult one on Tuesday.

In gratitude to my poor arms, we’re not having any Chateau Collapso tonight and Neil’s making his chicken bhuna curry – the healthiest evening we’ve had for a while.

I don’t know why but the foot is still sore despite all the stretching, wheat bags and massage.  I’ll have to go back to the physio or maybe it just takes a while to settle down.  A bit fed up with it all but at least I’ve got other things to focus on while it sorts itself out.  Tomorrow is Pump and then yoga with a different instructor.  Hopefully a bit more serene than the last yoga class.