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The Chimp Paradox

I’m reading ‘The Chimp Paradox” by Professor Steve Peters.

It explains that life feels like a complete fankle because my brain has been hijacked by my inner monkey (Neil sighs deeply).

I’ve never understood how Neil can just ‘do’ life; he goes from A to B to C in a straight line, whereas my best intentions end up derailed all the time.  My journey might be more interesting than A to B to C, but I never get to C; I end up in W. Or Z.  Or P. And P is more likely to be Portobello than Paris.


It’s all YOUR fault

The reason that this happens is because the brain is split into 3 bits:  the real me, a computer and a chimp. The computer holds data, the real me is logic and reason, and the chimp is emotional stuff and lizard brain-type responses.  If you don’t manage the chimp, it manages you.

This explains everything.

I’m only half way through it but it’s been very useful already in terms of understanding and heading off potential derailments.  So expect a smug blog post about exercise very soon.


Trifecta’s Weekend Challenge

Trifecta has a weekend challenge where you have to write something on a given topic.  This weekend it is:  write 33 words about three wishes that come at a high price to the wisher.

I haven’t done this before so this is my first entry:

Thinner, happier, healthier.

Years spent wishing, putting life on hold until ‘one day when…’

Wishing steals our allotted span, gives nothing back.

So stop wishing; take action.

Thinner, happier, healthier; make it so.


It’s a bit doom-laden but it’s what my brain came up with on a cloudy Sunday morning.  I’m not a Trekkie, but JL Picard comes in very handy sometimes.

I really liked Linda Vernon’s entry – Herman’s Plan to Get New Girls .

Maybe I just have to get the hang of this thing first.

Grace vs Universe

I fell off my bike on Wednesday.

Sometimes the universe gets a bit fed up with my current lack of effort in terms of becoming more ert – instead of cycling home, I’d been really lazy and put the bike on the ferry so I just had a 5 minute cycle to the front door.

It was one of those moments where you’re tootling along, all’s well with the world la la la, then all of a sudden life leaps up and slaps you round the face with a wet haddock.

I’m last off the ferry and clamber onto my beloved Avanti to cycle down the long jetty to the shore.  Not paying attention, life veered off into one of those bizarre Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon slo-mo action sequences:

Scene 1:  oops handlebars got a bit close to the rail there whew got away with it nearly had an accident oh crap the pedal’s hit the railing this isn’t going to end well

Scene 2:  oh no this can’t be happening I’m actually going to fall off my bike only 5 year olds fall off their bikes this is so undignified I hope I don’t break my nose again am I going to die this is so embarrassing I hope nobody sees this oh bugger

Scene 3: thud scrape bang – leading lady inelegantly hits the ground sideways in a tangled heap of bike and backpack.

I rush to stand up and see if anyone’s noticed.  Nope.  Quickly put Harry Potter magic dignity cloak back on.

The bike is fine and everything seems to be working ok except for pinkie on left hand which feels numb. OMG NERVE DAMAGE.  And it HURTS.  And there’s BLOOD (a tiny little bit). OWWWWW.

It was, like, a LOT worse on Wednesday…

Once I’ve picked myself up and got back on my bike I feel a bit shaky and teary but tell myself that I’ve had a bit of a fright but I’ve been VERY BRAVE.  I wobble off home to a glass of wine and  an exciting story to tell Neil.

Universe 1, Grace 0.

New Year’s Eve, Sydney

It’s NY Eve, the sun is just setting, it’s been a beautiful day with blue skies and sunshine.  Small boats have been heading down the Parramatta River to get to the festivities in the main harbour, and the Edinburgh Tattoo is on the TV.

NY Eve 2011

Have a great evening everyone – health and happiness for 2012 🙂

Happiness is……Sydney 6am

I’m up at 5am during the week so on weekends I lie in until 6.  Then I get  up, make a coffee in my favourite cup and go outside onto the balcony to listen to the magpies/smell the fresh air/sit in the sunshine/think/write.

Happiness doesn’t look like much sometimes:  coffee, paper, a pen, some sunshine, early morning quiet.

And of course, my other essential for happiness:

Beautiful surroundings help – this is my ferry to work arriving with the sun rising over the city:

The bus to work

Sometimes I can’t believe I get to live here 🙂

This morning’s 6am profundities were around the realisation that I’m back to my default state of ‘ inert’.

Given half a chance I will overthink this topic when the best piece of advice I’ve had recently was ‘just get out there and do it’ ie stop thinking about it, separate  your backside from the sofa and go and do stuff.

The other great piece of advice from my Dr was ‘stop eating crap’.

Ow.  How did she know??

But it’s that simple: move and stop eating crap.

And Neil’s just reminded me that I need to get to aerobics.

There’s no escape.