These Boots Are Made For Walking

Well the last 3 weeks have gone fast – can’t believe that today’s is the last session.

Neil asked me if I feel any different than before I started.   There are 2 things:

1.   I feel ‘better’ – the workouts give me enormous highs as well as showing me that I’m not totally decrepit and that I can still do things, so I feel better physically, as well as feeling better in myself.

2. The biggest difference is that I’ve remembered all the things I used to do – and the great time I had doing them all…


Knackered, Denmark, WA

Knackered, Kangaroo Valley

Knackered, Kangaroo Valley


Knackered, Murray to the Mountains Rail Trail

Cycling the canal du midi

Knackered, Canal du Midi, France

What I’ve learned over the past 3 weeks:

1.   planning is key with food.  If I don’t get my meals organised – especially lunch – the outcome’s unlikely to be positive

2.   planning involves effort and action, rather than thinking vague but well-meaning thoughts and hoping for the best

3.   things change/not everyone does things the same way.    Years ago,  I used to have a PT session once a week at Fitness First but dreaded it because it was always the same exercises – it worked but it wasn’t much fun.  I’ve looked forward to all these sessions because I never know what I’m going to be doing.

4.   exercise gives back more than you put in – I get it now, the harder the effort, the better you feel

5.   I like doing weights.  And push ups.  Weird.

6.   I got  home yesterday feeling really fed up with life, the universe and everything but realised that when I used to cycle home, I never felt miserable by the time I got there – it was exercised away.  Tomorrow, I’m getting off the ferry a stop early and cycling the last bit.

So,  I’ve signed up for the full 3 month course which ends the week before I leave for Italy.



Cortina, these boots are heading your way….



    1. It’s a pity you got put of crossfit as many boxes are different and you’ll just need to find one where the culture matches your needs. Like I said the most efficient means. I’m sure your personal trainer is mixing in some crossfit stuff. It’s all scalable and feasible for anyone. Haven’t exercised for 2 mths now due to my broken nose 😦

  1. Sounds like a plan Grace. You’ve motivated me to get going also. That week’s cycling in France is coming right at me and if I don’t start with a program now I’ll be very sorry, I know. Its the getting started that is the problem, so you’re over the first hurdle well and truly. Well done!

    1. You’re so right. Just needed a kick up the backside – and Neil doing the kicking doesn’t work! Where are you off to in France?

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