Month: May 2014

These Boots Are Made For Walking

Well the last 3 weeks have gone fast – can’t believe that today’s is the last session.

Neil asked me if I feel any different than before I started.   There are 2 things:

1.   I feel ‘better’ – the workouts give me enormous highs as well as showing me that I’m not totally decrepit and that I can still do things, so I feel better physically, as well as feeling better in myself.

2. The biggest difference is that I’ve remembered all the things I used to do – and the great time I had doing them all…


Knackered, Denmark, WA

Knackered, Kangaroo Valley

Knackered, Kangaroo Valley


Knackered, Murray to the Mountains Rail Trail

Cycling the canal du midi

Knackered, Canal du Midi, France

What I’ve learned over the past 3 weeks:

1.   planning is key with food.  If I don’t get my meals organised – especially lunch – the outcome’s unlikely to be positive

2.   planning involves effort and action, rather than thinking vague but well-meaning thoughts and hoping for the best

3.   things change/not everyone does things the same way.    Years ago,  I used to have a PT session once a week at Fitness First but dreaded it because it was always the same exercises – it worked but it wasn’t much fun.  I’ve looked forward to all these sessions because I never know what I’m going to be doing.

4.   exercise gives back more than you put in – I get it now, the harder the effort, the better you feel

5.   I like doing weights.  And push ups.  Weird.

6.   I got  home yesterday feeling really fed up with life, the universe and everything but realised that when I used to cycle home, I never felt miserable by the time I got there – it was exercised away.  Tomorrow, I’m getting off the ferry a stop early and cycling the last bit.

So,  I’ve signed up for the full 3 month course which ends the week before I leave for Italy.



Cortina, these boots are heading your way….


Towards Ertia – the Journey Continues

Have now had 4 sessions with Brad the personal trainer, and it’s turned out to be the best thing I could have done.  There’s no way I would have worked so hard left to my own devices.  Even though it’s only 30  minutes, I’m completely knackered afterwards.

Tonight was upper body.  A set of 5 exercises – crunches, tricep dips, kettlebell swinging, pushups where you take your hands off the floor when you get down there – can’t remember the proper name for them – and pulling yourself up from the floor to a bar (metal, not cocktail) – has reduced my arms to useless lumps of meat dangling from aching shoulders.

The euphoria afterwards is amazing though, and it’s a lot of fun.

Neil’s got an assessment with him tomorrow night (I’m surprised he’s agreed to try it) so I’ve asked Brad to make sure he makes him do push ups and planks till he drops ha ha ha 🙂

Ert Again

There are now only 14.5 weeks until I arrive in Cortina d’Ampezzo in the Italian Dolomites.

I can either:

1.   arrive 20kg overweight and unable to get to the top of any mountains, and spend the precious week cursing myself for not getting fit.  This happened last year (and the year before).

2.   do something to avoid the above.

So what to do when you don’t feel like ‘doing’ anything and can’t get your backside off the sofa?  It’s a no to aerobics or Pump, to hellish spin classes with the doof doof music and a woman screaming at you, a definate no to sodding boot camps, sweating in public or expensive gym memberships.  Tennis and indoor rock climbing were the only attractive things, neither of which are particularly comfortable at +20kg.

I Googled and the stars aligned – Brad Martens is a personal trainer living in the next street, who used to have my couch/ice cream problem – but now he does Ironmans instead.  Clearly we have something in common (the ice cream, not ironmans obviously…).

He gave me an initial assessment and I found I could still do 20 push ups, not very brilliantly, and – TA DAAAH  – a 20 second plank!

So I’ve got 6 sessions booked and then we’ll see where we go.

Per ardua ad astra (it’s the ‘ardua’ bit I’m worried about).