Trifextra Weekend Challenge

This weekend’s Trifextra Writing Challenge is to write exactly 33 words on ‘why we write’.

I’ve been overthinking this.  It’s simple:  paper is  somewhere to park all  your thoughts so that they don’t drive you insane.   

Or is that just me?   

Is that 33 words yet?   



That’s enough writing for me –  I’m off to the library to find something interesting to read and to have some tea and carrot cake.  Books and cake  – genius.  Thank you City of Canada Bay council 🙂



  1. Overthinking? That never happens to me.

    I’m a terrible liar. It happens. ALL the time! I think myself into silence. I think myself into confusion. I think myself right into devouring a pint of ice cream.

    Anyway, great entry! (I have to find some ice cream now…)

  2. Writing down your thoughts is being brave enough to look at them and allow others to do so as well. Loving reading your posts and seeing your ideas in words.

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