Greek Sausages

I’m sitting in a café in Bondi watching all the hunky blokes go by, when I suddenly start thinking about Greek sausages. 

On a recent Maeve O’Meara Greek Gourmet Safari in Marrickville, Sydney, the highlight for me was a visit to a butcher where we tasted the world’s best sausages.  Yes, honestly; the best I’ve ever had in my life. 

Greek God No 1 brought out a tray of cooked sausages for us to sample; a lemon is sliced and the juice drizzled over them.  Sausages and lemon.  Genius.

These are not insipid supermarket snags which need drowning in tomato sauce to give them some flavour.  These are kick-ass sausages with an oopmh all their own. After one bite of meaty, garlicky, deliciousness – the richness perfectly cut by the lemon juice – we all know we’re onto something special and the whole tray quickly disappears down the greedy gullets of a crowd of people already stuffed full of wondrous Greek patisseries. 

With greasy fingers and chins we stand there expectantly, hoping for more.  Instead, Greek God No 2 hauls out an enormous tray of raw sausage links and we fall on them and buy the lot.  It isn’t quite as desperate a scramble as the first day of the Myer New Year Sale but I only manage to get my paws on a kilo of them.  The group buy everything.  Not a sausage left. 

News of a good sausage spreads quickly and on my next trip to Canberra I take 6 kilos to sausage-starved friends.  I usually fly down but I thought that the garlicky pong might cause offence, especially on one of the 19 seater planes; never mind trying to get them through the x-ray machine (I once tried to take a large haggis to France via Heathrow and it caused a bit of a  panic in the X-ray queue). 

Instead, even with the snags in an insulated box, they still stink the car out.  But in the big scheme of things, it’s a tiny price to pay for the pleasure of a good sausage. 

Maeve’s tours are great – even if you’re an experienced cook with an advanced case of culinary ennui, this will get out of your comfort zone and re-awaken your zest for exploring. 

Illawarra Meats, 368 Illawarra Rd, Marrickville – 9558 5473 (cash only); Saturday close at 1pm.



  1. Ha! I love that you started your post out with the phrase hunky blokes! Blokes is such a great word! I wish I could use it without sounding affected but since nobody in this country says it, I might come across as trying too hard to be Austrailian when I’m clearly not! HA! This post also makes me very hungry for sausage and I didn’t even know I liked suasage. Oh AND thank you for including me in your blogroll! YAY. So blokes, sausage and blogroll. It’s all good! 🙂

  2. My closest friend is Greek, and whenever we went to her house she always served sausage as an for d’oeuvre. I couldn’t believe how tasty they were, even though sausage is not my favorite food. Now I realize that there is sausage and there is SAUSAGE!

    Thanks for your comment on my blog page. I appreciate it.


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