Parramatta Cycle

A beautiful day so we were up early to cycle to Parramatta for breakfast – 40km round trip.  You can now get most of the way on bike path and don’t have to stop and lug your bike over this pipeline any  more:

Some of the path’s been upgraded to a metal walkway with stop-off points where you can wander through the mangroves to the river and sit and look at the view.

Parramatta actually had some cafes open on a bank holiday (it always seems to be shut when we’re there and we end up at McDonalds).  Full of breakfast we started back.  By the time we got to the bridge at Meadowbank

my sense of humour was beginning to desert me due to the day warming up, general knackered-ness and lack of water (you’d think I’d learn – duh).

Neil pointed out that it’s a long time since I’ve cycled 40km – I hadn’t realised how much fitness I’ve lost.

Next post had better be about anti-sloth plans for 2012 🙂


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