Month: November 2011

Happiness is……Sydney 6am

I’m up at 5am during the week so on weekends I lie in until 6.  Then I get  up, make a coffee in my favourite cup and go outside onto the balcony to listen to the magpies/smell the fresh air/sit in the sunshine/think/write.

Happiness doesn’t look like much sometimes:  coffee, paper, a pen, some sunshine, early morning quiet.

And of course, my other essential for happiness:

Beautiful surroundings help – this is my ferry to work arriving with the sun rising over the city:

The bus to work

Sometimes I can’t believe I get to live here 🙂

This morning’s 6am profundities were around the realisation that I’m back to my default state of ‘ inert’.

Given half a chance I will overthink this topic when the best piece of advice I’ve had recently was ‘just get out there and do it’ ie stop thinking about it, separate  your backside from the sofa and go and do stuff.

The other great piece of advice from my Dr was ‘stop eating crap’.

Ow.  How did she know??

But it’s that simple: move and stop eating crap.

And Neil’s just reminded me that I need to get to aerobics.

There’s no escape.