Bangkok – Day 3

We’re trying to get to a temple that was shut yesterday so instead of the river, we take to the canals. This was a hilarious cultural experience:  the boat rockets up the canal, stops briefly, everyone piles off/on in a mad scramble and it shoots off again. The crew wear motorbike helmets and hang onto bits of string as they run up and down the sides of the boat.  You really wouldn’t want to fall into the water – it looked worse than the Water of Leith.  And then we saw people swimming in it. 

We got to the palace eventually via tuktuk – terrifying but what a laugh 🙂 and taxi (with seatbelts that go across the body but have nothing to click into)This is what we were heading for:And inside the grounds…

I just loved it. 

Then back to the hotel on the ferry and Skytrain for afternoon tea/cocktails/dinner at last night’s restaurant again . This is our last night and I’m still handbagless.  Am now teetering on the brink of panic-buying territory.  Neil makes irritating comment about the donkey starving because it couldn’t choose between eating the bale of hay or the oats.  This doesn’t help. 

He came round all the shops yet again and I still couldn’t make up my mind. He suggested leaving it till the next morning before we leave for the airport.  Genius.

A perfect day despite the handbag crisis 🙂


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