Bangkok – Day 2

We’re up and out early, locate the Skytrain round the corner and head off down to the river for some sightseeing. 

The river itself is a surging brown flow full of debris (vegetation, coconuts, the odd plank of wood) with a rather terrifying current – you wouldn’t want to fall in.   Activity on the river never stopped – it was just incredible.  These boats moved really fast… I loved it.The ferry dropped us off at a temple.  We were the only ones there; a little haven of peace and quiet.  

It was all stunningly beautiful.  The colours, the detail, the artistry – I hadn’t expected to love it all so  much.

After a long morning wandering around as tourists, we went back to the hotel for afternoon tea/cocktails then went out round Patpong market again all evening (endlessly fascinating – Neil told me his stories about the ping pong balls and razor blades).

Found a really good little restaurant – Ton Kao Surawongse –  in Surawongse Road round the back of the market. 

Spot the elephants….

Still couldn’t make my mind up between the Jimmy Choo or the Hermes knock offs and decided to sleep on it again.


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