Bangkok – Day 1

Bangkok was amazing – we had a brilliant time.  Neil didn’t think I’d like it (too hot/humid & lots of people hassling you) –  he hadn’t enjoyed it when he was there 15 years ago but things have changed and it was all reasonably relaxed.

We stayed at the Sofitel on Silom Road, not far from the river, the Skytrain and Patpong markets.  Our room was on the 24th floor – great views of the city – and especially beautiful at night.  

After a long flight on Emirates from Paris, dumped the bags, had a shower then up to the 27th floor for afternoon tea (!).  The hotel has it’s own outlet of Le Notre, the Parisian patisserie, so there were scones, jam, cream, sandwiches, lovely cakes and huge pots of tea.  This was served from 3-5pm, cocktails following from 5-7pm, while the sun went down and the city skyline lit up.  It was fabulous. 

We then headed out into the warm, humid night to have a look round.  Bangkok is Handbag Central – my life’s mission is to find the perfect handbag, so if I couldn’t find it here, it wasn’t going to happen.  I went through every handbag shop and stall and in the end couldn’t make my mind up. 

Went to bed and conked out for 9 hours.  Bliss.


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