Evian les Bains – Drop Dead Gorgeous

I’m here in ELB to spend a couple of days with my parents before heading off to Paris tomorrow. 

ELB is in France on the shores of Lac Leman – up the lake a bit is Geneva and directly opposite is Lausanne.  It’s a very pretty town – red geraniums on every balcony, very sunshiney – plus a lot of the major buildings are in the belle époque style – it’s completely gorgeous.  And due to it’s location, the air fairly honks of money.Holidays with my parents revolve around great food, excellent wine and conserving energy by doing as little as possible between meals. 

Over the years they’ve honed this into a fine art – they recently went on their first cruise and didn’t bother getting off the ship at any of the ports;  just stayed in their suite and summoned food and wine whenever they felt like it.   

I arrived yesterday and was immediately whisked off to lunch at the Hilton. The food was great and Dad ordered a bottle of Chassagne Montrachet.  After 3 courses plus digestifs, they went back to the hotel for a lie down.  Then we went out for dinner at 7pm (preceded by aperitifs).  I couldn’t cope with another 3 courses so only had 2 (pudding is non-negotiable on holiday no matter how stuffed I am – and this was pear sorbet with Poire William liqueur over it – one of my all time favourites).  This morning I couldn’t face breakfast as I was still too full.  So next we get on a boat  and head up the lake to Ivoire, a beautiful ‘village fleurie’, and gosh, what a surprise, the boat gets in at 11.45, just in time for lunch.  It was a repeat of yesterday – with a very nice bottle of Vire Clesse.After a really excellent lunch, Mum and I left Dad with a brandy and a copy of yesterday’s Telegraph and went for a wander round the village – it’s a complete tourist trap but it’s so beautiful you don’t mind.  I’m always seized by the desire to urgently acquire French tablecloths in these places but I managed to restrain myself.Went back down the lake to Evian later in the afternoon and the parents head off for a snooze. 

We’re meeting up at 8pm to go back to the Hilton. Gulp.

This morning I woke up and realised that I had to get out and do some exercise so I went out at 6.30am for a good long walk along the lake and this is what I saw:

It’s just as well I’m leaving tomorrow because I can’t keep up with my parents.  I love it of course but Neil only ever eats 1 course so he’s always a bit shellshocked at what my family can hoover through at one sitting.

I love Evian les Bains – it’s quiet, it’s sedate, it’s charming, it’s beautiful – it has loads to do on the lake, in the spa and in the surrounding areas. 

I will definately come back.    Next time I won’t eat so much though 🙂



  1. Sounds great. Good food good wine.. Guess u can do with some exercise so u can have more of the good food, good wine kekke. You look like ur dad

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