Chamonix – A Blog with a View

Up to the top of Le Brevent (2525m) on the chairlift.  Fabulous day –  panoramic views forever.  Heard someone saying ‘c’est belle notre France’ (literally ‘it’s beautiful, our France’) – couldn’t not agree with them. 

There was no café at the top (eek – just as well I didn’t walk up ha ha ha) so came back down to Planpraz. Wandered round a corner to find lots of people setting up paragliders so watched them for a while. 

Heading downhill to the cafe, was nearly mown down by a horde of French people heading for lunch.  Not a good idea to get between them and their next meal.  The way the bloke at the front is standing staring belligerently at me reminds me of a bull in a field of cows.

So now I’m sitting here on a sunny terrace at Planpraz, 2000 metres above Chamonix, facing the glittering snow on Mont Blanc and the Aiguilles du Midi.  The coffee is crap but on the plus side they’ve improved the toilets since I was here 3 years ago.  A relief in more ways than one.

Here is my blog with a view:

Sitting next to a group of older Asian ladies who are quite cross about something to do with a bottle of juice.  They’re all kitted out in North Face high performance fleeces and tops but with tour bus footwear.  I don’t think they’ve strayed too far from the chairlift.

But then neither have I, so I’d better shut up :).



  1. The view is amazing! I’m totally envious. I’m sure you’d be jealous of my current vista – the parking lot also as Vic Rd. Sigh.

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