Ruined Castle Walk – Blue Mountains

After the Oaks Trail cycle, we went off to stay the night in Katoomba (via so still no nearer the Georges V).   Had a great curry at Anyi’s  – a very simple place but the food’s really good.

Sunday we were up early and off to the start of the walk.  It was a seriously blowy day but fine once you were out of the wind.  Again blue skies but quite cold (well it is winter after all).

The white stuff in the photo is clouds filling a valley;  Mt Solitary is between the tree branches.

We actually remembered to take food and water with us (good grief).  The path starts with an 800m descent via the Golden Staircase then along a decent track for 3.5km followed by a bit of up to get to the Ruined Castle crag.  There’s a very short but slightly hairy scramble to get onto the top rock of the castle.

Neil was doing his mountain goat impression leaping around all over the rocks but I don’t like exposure much and standing at the top of the ruined castle in a force 8 was a bit too scary for me.

Blue Mountains Bad Hair Day

Ruined Castle; Mt Solitary in the background

This was my second trip out there.  The first was in October 2008 and it wasn’t a pleasant experience.  I was 25kg heavier, very unfit and it was a very warm day.  It was all fine until I got back to the bottom of the Golden Staircase and realised I was going to have to climb up 800m straight up.   It took me an hour to get back up to the car park and it was just a horrible experience. This time it took me 28 minutes and I was fine.

It was a lovely day – although I paid for it for the next 3 days as my legs didn’t realise what had hit them.


One comment

  1. Golden staircase? More like Staircase of Death. I did this walk when I was about 12 and I am happy for it to remain a memory. Especially after you’ve sold it so well 🙂

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