Back to the Gym

Today was my 2nd spin class ever.

The first was about 4 years ago and I promised myself that I’d never put myself through anything like it again.

It was a Sunday morning class in a dark, pokey room full of completely insane, competitive new mothers out to prove something (not sure how I ended up in a class of new mothers).  They were egged on by a maniac of a female instructor who raved about how many calories we were burning REALLY LOUDLY. The techno-crap non-music was deafening.  Absolute hell on earth.

Today was a much better experience. My colleague Tony got me there (I wouldn’t have made it without him – so thanks Tony :)) and once in the room, I found Michael as well :), so at least I was going to suffer in the company of decent people.

The instructor was great – not shouty and not fervidly trying to whip everyone up into some sweaty motivational zone; even the music was ok.  It was rather hard but 10 minutes after it finished I felt great and wanted to do it again (soon, not immediately).  Never thought I’d feel like that about spinning.

A small point:  if you happen to be on a bike that’s right in the eyeline of the male instructor, don’t wear a baggy v-neck top unless you want to scare the living daylights out of the poor sod when you get to the standing up on the pedals bit.

It’s fine if you’re under 30 and gorgeous.

Otherwise, best to keep it all tied down and covered up.


One comment

  1. yeah Yoon wear’s ear muffs to block out the deafening music. Must say some of the instructors are deaf. Ai now that’s a tip to remember. Guess I am never wearing baggy v-necks. Note this is a tip for yoga too. The person behind may get very distracted when u are doing the downward facing dog 🙂

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