100 Pushups and Plank Challenges Update

100 Pushups Challenge

Am up to 63 pushups on my knees – not all at once of course, but broken down into 20, 10, 12 and 11 with 1 minute breaks in between for arguing about how many I’ve actually done.  Neil dozes off sometimes – I’m doing all the hard work and he can’t even keep it together long enough to count from 1-10.

Plank Challenge 

Am currently at 1 minute – had a bit of an improvement over the weekend when Neil did it with me and made me laugh so much doing ‘plank dancing’ – basically showing off how easy he found it – that I got to 45 seconds without noticing and then hung on like grim death for the final 15 seconds.  I’ve got a bit stuck on 1 minute and haven’t improved since Saturday even though I’ve been doing it every day.

Neil showed me the reverse plank (with your front facing up).  He could manage this really easily but I couldn’t persuade my backside to leave the floor; it was like it was stuck to the carpet.

Guessed later that perhaps there is no such thing as a reverse plank and it’s Neil amusing himself at my expense.   Hmmmm.


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