Essentially Inert (Anag.)

I’ve worked out why Neil’s always been so keen that I exercise a lot.

It’s to stop me spending money.

If I’m knackered from cycling home or exhausted post-Pump class, I can’t be out knocking back cocktails at Verve or slapper-spotting* outside the Ivy with Kathryn after 3 glasses of pinot gris.

While I’m out enjoying myself rather expensively, Neil’s at home doing interesting things like working out an anagram for ‘essentially inert’. He came up with ‘retail intensely’ which has unfortunately put the wind up him a bit.

Soon the credit card statement will be left lying around in obvious places but I’ll fail to have my glasses on and so won’t notice the numbers; there’ll be a lot of audible tsk tsk-ing as he pores over bank statements and then we move into the final phase where we drive well out of our way to do the shopping at Bi-Lo instead of Coles. I always know I’m in the dog-house if we’re in Bi-Lo.

It’s just a matter of time before the sporran gets welded shut again.

Back to the gym for me.

*a really easy game that the whole family can play


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