Plantar Fasciitis / The 100 Pushups Challenge

Back to physio for painful massage, some acupuncture and strapping.  No running and no aerobics until things settle down.  I’m not exactly crushed as I’ve had my head in a bucket of ice cream and self-pity over the past week and have done nothing exercise-wise.  It happens occasionally.  What matters is getting out of it.  Going back to the physio was the first step.

So ice packs, bags of frozen peas, golf balls and calf stretches are my new best friends.  Have done some stretches tonight – yoga’s ‘downward dog’ position showed up the lack of overall flexibility and the different flexibility in each leg.  A bit weird, that.

Tonight I came to understand that all my previous pushups to this point have been rubbish.  Proud of being able to do some on my toes,  I realise that it doesn’t mean much if I’m not getting the 90 degree angle with my arms and my bum’s sticking up like Mt Kilimanjaro.  Not that it does of course.

Neil got the broom and showed me how to do it properly (good pushups are a thing of beauty, especially if someone else is doing them).  He placed it along the back and for ‘good form’ it should be in contact with of your head, back, bum and legs.  He did a perfect set of 10 pushups with 90 degree arm bends and the broom didn’t move once.

I wasted 20 pushups while we fiddled around with the broom. ‘Get your bum down’. ‘What do you mean down?  It is down’. ‘No it’s not’.  He mutters something about Kilimanjaro and gives it a push into the right position. This rather overwhelms my stomach muscles which suddenly have to contend with the weight of my bum arriving like an unwelcome visitor from outer space.

Once we get the bum/stomach dichotomy all sorted I manage another 2 sets of 10 pushups on my knees, complete with 90 degree arm bends.  I know that these are the best form pushups I’ve ever done, so feeling very pleased with myself.

Kathryn has been practicing on the quiet and can now do 20;  Martin can do 6. Neil’s just naturally amazing.   What’s everyone else’s excuse???



  1. I knew you would 🙂 What about a plank challenge as well? I’m going to try that tonight. I won’t quite manage 11 minutes though. You’re a scary woman.

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