My Right Foot: Fascinating Update

Went out for a 20 minute jog round Lake Wendouree last Friday to see how the foot was.  I hadn’t had any trouble all week with the cycling but on the Friday morning there was a definite twinge.  It was initially fine but then started playing up later in the day.  Not sure what to do next; back to the physio I think.

The SMH Half Marathon is on the 15th of May so that’s definately out now.  Will aim for the Blackmore’s Half Marathon in September instead, plus there’s the 14km City to Surf in August.

I’ll put together a more gentle training schedule this time once I get this sorted out.

Linda and my post-Easter 11 day Detox Extravaganza didn’t get past day 1 (didn’t get past lunchtime actually).  The list of things to be avoided was perhaps over-ambitious.

And everyone’s being very polite by not mentioning how quiet things have gone  on the pressups and situps challenges.   Will start it all again on Saturday.



  1. I’ve been doing the knee push ups every 2nd day. Whilst I won’t be bending steel pipes any time soon I can get to 20 push ups without any parhetic face meet carpet episodes. My physio says my dodgy right arm bicep has grown 1 cm. I suppose it’s progress. Surely you can top that after a week of holiday cardio ?!?

    1. That’s brilliant Kathryn! I’m going to give it a go tonight but I doubt if I can do 20 – that’s a bit serious. When you get up to 100 I’ll come and film you for Youtube 🙂

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