Top of Koziusko

Got to Thredbo on Friday night and the next day was straight onto the chairlift up Koziusko. I had hoped it would be raining so that I could sit in the café with the papers and a decent coffee.  But no, it was a beautiful day so I had to at least make an effort.

Once you get off, it’s a 13km round trip up to the top. I couldn’t remember it being that far and thought there’s no way I’m doing that, it would take me a week. I wasn’t too happy but we set off anyway.

Every 500m there’s a marker on the path telling you how far you’ve gone, so before I knew it I’d gone 2km.  So I just kept going and good grief, I eventually got to the top. And it hadn’t been too bad.

Cold. Very cold.

The 13km yomp up and down took 2.5 hrs, which is pretty good for me. Even Neil could tell, so the running and cycling must have done some good.

Also, this is the first time that I haven’t been overtaken while walking – usually I’m struggling along and the population of a small European country overtakes me, going like the clappers.  Quite chuffed with myself.  And a bit sunburned.


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