Sore Foot Update

Foot is still not right after Sunday’s 30 minute run so I’ve decided to give it a rest until Easter otherwise it’s not going to settle down. In the meantime I’ve found other ways to maintain the fitness I’ve got from the running.

1.   Cycling

Cycled home from work again yesterday and overtook 2 people on the spiral onto the Anzac bridge – the effort brought on a mild bout of asthma which I haven’t had for years.

Neil thoughtfully noted that exercise-induced asthma generally needs some exercise to happen in order to kick it off.  I pointed out that his position as Team Captain was not tenured and he could be replaced at any time.

2.  Push Ups

I’m starting the 100 consecutive pushups program where you go from weak, girly, completely useless arms to being able to hang small children off your biceps in a little over 6 weeks.

On similar lines to I-can’t-imagine-being-able-to-run-more-than-3-minutes-without-dying, I can’t imagine being able to do 100 pressups in one go.  But other people have done it so there’s no reason I can’t.  And unlike running, there’s less bits of me to go wrong with pushups.

3. Yoga

I’m going to give this another go but at a different Fitness First gym with a different instructor (they can’t all be complete nutters can they?) or I’ll try the Bodybalance classes.

So, onward and upward.  I do miss the running though – who’d have thought??



  1. Oh oh that’s great grace. Where do I find all these things. 100 push up. Hm mist read. With yoga it’s important which style and who the instructor is. It’s not easy however like ur running and push ups u start as a beginner and moves from there. You’ll love it!!! Keep it up

    1. Hi Linda – I think we’re going to be busy after Easter what with the pushups, the situps, the detox (still not too sure about that one) etc etc. Why don’t we try for the half marathon in September?

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