Week 7 – Sunday – Back to Basics

The physio said on Thursday that if the foot was ok at the weekend, I could try jogging again, so went out this morning at 5.30.  Nobody else was around except for loping-girl who turned up at the end.

I went for 27 minutes and it was fine, not even uncomfortable (Neil said it was due to being powered by the macaroni cheese he made for dinner last night).  I’m really surprised that I can still do this – I thought not doing anything for 2 weeks would mean going back to square 1.   Still very slow but that’s ok.  It feels like I’ve got a base level or something  rather than it being a real struggle every time.

Of course next time’s going to be terrible; this is just life laughing in my face and lulling me into a false sense of security (I’m reading a lot of Jack London at the moment).

I think the endorphin thing’s finally kicked in though.  I feel ridiculously cheerful and it’s not even 7am.

I’m going to take better care of myself from now on.  Done lots of stretching and there’s an ice pack on it now just in case.

Pedicure is imminent

I never thought I’d say this but I’ve really missed it – the dark, the dawn and the river.

Not too worried about the half marathon – I’ll turn up but will get chucked out at 11km and that’s fine.  I’ll find another one to do instead.

And congratulations Caroline for your 10km in an hour in the Lindfield Fun Run – that’s brilliant! 🙂



  1. Great stuff, Grace. Wondered when the craving would hit in! Friend Linden ran in the Glenlivet 10k run on Sunday at under 50 mins and came first in her category. She took it as a sort of short jog! I have difficulty collecting our mail! Keep at it – you’re going to do it.

    1. Hi Margaret – that’s great about Linden – I can imagine she wouldn’t need to take it very seriously. I’ll get there one day though. What about your cycling – do you still do it?

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