Week 6 – Thursday – Not Running

After a tentative 20 minute jog on Wednesday morning and an ongoing aching instep, I came to the conclusion that my foot is stuffed.

Google suggested an ice pack so I put together a bag of ice cubes, a tea towel and some fetching blue string.  Neil loved it because it didn’t cost anything.  It didn’t work though.

Home-made sore foot solution (useless)

Tried some stretching but it was probably too little too late.  Then spent a day of pathetically-hoping-it’ll-get-better-on-its-own.

Today, Andrew suggested that I ask a physio what to do.  Brilliant!  So off to Bend & Mend who’d fixed my shoulder for me earlier in the year.  The foot/ankle was massaged (not as much fun as it sounds – OW) and strapped and I was told no running until next week.

So the Lindfield fun run on Sunday’s out – Neil had a minor nervous breakdown when he realised that that’s $33 absolutely wasted.  I’ve been put on porridge for a week and he’s hidden the credit card in his sporran and welded it shut.

I like a challenge.



  1. Sporran? According to wikipedia that is a traditional part of male Scottish Highland dress. Is he hoping for u to search for it? That’s the CHALLENGE you like? kekkekeke…… all jokes aside stretching is one of the most important things. I can’t believe that training program you followed did not mention it. Always good to mix a little yoga/pilates to your training session. Everything in balance right? Pro tennis players get tennis shoulders, runners get bad knees etc

  2. Yes there’s nothing quite like a good rummage around in a man’s sporran – you never know what you’ll find. And the training program probably did mention the stretching somewhere but I wasn’t really paying any attention at the time. Lesson learned though 🙂

  3. Couldn’t Neil have run in your place so as not to waste the $33? The only problem would be that running with your number he/you might’ve won the 25-30Yr Female category that you’re entered in ! But he could’ve used the/my/our blonde wig for accepting the trophy !! Sorry to hear you can’t make the race but I’m hoping the injury has been caught early enough not to imperil your tilt at the Half. For icing an injury after exercise you can purchase (sorry Neil) plastic ice-packs from chemists and running shops that sit in the freezer and do a great job (or they do if taken out of freezer, says he who forgot to ice this morning). I still think a packet of frozen peas is best cos it’s so flexibile, but for some strange reason no-one else in the house wants to eat peas that have been used on my knee ! On stretching – I do at least 10 mins stretching after a run – I can show you my sequence – it’s probably all things that you do in yoga – hamstrings, quads, adductors, calves, ITB, glutes…. After the run is good because everything is warmed up and you are more flexible. Some runners reckon that stretches before a run are not a good idea because the body is still cold, but I feel better for a stretch before a run – and my physio tells me to do it and I won’t argue with a 2:32 marathon man. Ideally you do what I did in my track running days of a 10 min jog warm-up and then the stretching, but that doesn’t always seem to fit in with getting the long distance training done. Will you be posting a picture of the new shoes??

    1. Hi Andrew – the peas sound perfect. The physio’s given me 2 exercises to do several times a day, – I’ll definately take it more seriously now. She said I’d caught it in time. Will put a picture of the new shoes up once I’ve had a go in them. I’ll do a comparison between my old ones, the new ones and Neil’s ancient stinkers. I don’t want to think of him in the wig. It would be quite confusing, not to say disturbing….

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