Week 5 – Sunday – Yoga

Went to yoga with Neil this morning as feeling very creaky after yesterday’s magnificent achievement.  I was expecting some sort of blissed out gentle stretching but no, it was one of those yoga nazi classes.  Neil and I looked ruefully at each other as we struggled to get our right leg behind our left ear while balancing on a broken toenail.  At least we both struggled.

Afterwards, straight into a cafe for coffee and a cake, so any good that was done was immediately undone.

I’ve signed up for the Lindfield fun run (spot the oxymoron) next Sunday – the 10km section.  This may be a bit optimistic but I know I can do 5km so will just give it a go.  My head’s already started on the ‘you do realise that you’re going to be overtaken by people walking?’ and ‘the 10 year olds will leave you for dead’. Andrew has said that it’s quite a hilly course but if it all gets too much I’ll just slide off and have a coffee somewhere.

Not going to do any activity today.  My right instep is sore so will Google how to get it better.



  1. hahha love it grace. If it is anything like the yoga I used to go to I can imagine. I use to get sore from yoga and not weights 😛 That is great that Neil is into yoga too. Where did u go? Power / Bikram / Hatha? The idea of even a 5km run now is not appealing at all. My entire body is aching 😦

  2. Hi Linda – it was a Fitness First class – I should have looked at the description but didn’t think. It was Sunday morning at 8.30am – it’s not unreasonable to expect it to be gentle surely?? They all took it very seriously. Don’t think we’ll go again 🙂

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