Week 5 – Saturday – 1 Hour and a Recipe

I didn’t go out this morning – after a long week at work we had home-made pizza and a bottle of plonk last night so went out this evening instead.  Neil came with me for the first 10 minutes but he could already feel his back hurting so I switched on ‘Jog 50’ on the Ipod and off I went on my own.

Went way round by the ferry and Cape Cabarita – I love the jog along the river but I needed a change.   Really surprised at how far I could get in an hour.  And it wasn’t too bad.  There was a bit 20 minutes in when I didn’t think I could manage another 40 minutes but I kept going and the next time I looked at my watch there was only another 25 minutes to go.

I didn’t sprint as such for the last song but I definitely went a bit faster – I was completely buggered by the end.  My 30 minute cool down walk felt very well earned.  Neil later told me that he hadn’t meant ‘sprint for the whole of the last song’, just the last bit before you stop.  Oh.

Realised that I’ve had the dates mixed up and I’ve gone from 3 minutes to 61 minutes in 4 weeks and 2 days.

Neil’s just said ‘someone’s feeling a bit smug today isn’t she?’

Yes she is.


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