Week 5 – Thursday – 50 Minutes

I just couldn’t get up this morning.  The thought of another 40 minute joyless slog plus 10 minutes packed with additional excitement and challenge (ie more slog) wasn’t very appealing.

I took a slightly different route today as it’s getting a bit monotonous just dragging myself up and down the same old stretch of river. Also put a new playlist together with a bit more variety on it, creatively titled ‘Jog 50’.  The arrival of the last song took me by surprise as usual – and I managed to run a tiny bit faster to finish.  It hadn’t been too bad; much better than Tuesday’s grim plod.

Neil asked me how it had gone and I was a bit lukewarm about it but he pointed out that  5 weeks ago I could only do 3 minutes at a stretch, and now I can do 50.  This is quite something.

Looking forward to getting my new trainers from the UK.



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