Tuesday – Week 5 – A Burst of Speed

Week 5.  Err, gosh, this is a bit of a surprise.

The schedule for today said 30 mins non-stop but, because I’m the type of person who likes to push themselves (Neil’s right eyebrow rises ever so slightly), thought I’d try another 40 minutes non-stop, seeing as I was so brilliant on Saturday.

In the now familiar pattern of things, it felt hard this morning. When I started off on Saturday I felt great despite the torrential rain – it all went downhill quickly of course – but today I could tell early on that it was going to be another joyless slog.

Most of the mental anguish is because I don’t accept things as they are. The reality is that, yes, it’s a struggle, but I feel that it should be easier, I should be better by now; I should be more racehorse than cart-horse. But I’m not and that’s it; shut up and get on with it.

I worked this out while running this morning so that in itself is an improvement. I can now run, breathe and think rather than just run / breathe.

Neil said to try and put on a burst of speed towards the end of any training session. So I did it today for the last song and now have a new speed setting to add to ‘imminent stall’ and ‘slow’ – it’s ‘unsustainable gallumph towards community plastic bag holder for dog s**t’.   It still counts as progress.

Just another sparkling facet of life at the pointy end of half marathon training.

Happy birthday to my friend Suzanne in Florida – have a lovely day – miss you 🙂



  1. Forget ‘should’, you are at week 5, you are jogging 40 minutes, you are going in a half marathon – that’s completely amazing!

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