Sunday – Week 4 – A New Form of Torture

Fartlekking (or interval training as Linda informed me).  I don’t like it.

10 x 30 seconds at 80% effort followed by 1 minute of standing around.  How hard could that be?

What is 80% effort?  I’ve only got 2 speeds:  slow and imminent stall.  So I just ran.  The first one was alright.  It was the other 9 that were the problem.  My knees started doing strange things; my legs didn’t feel attached to the rest of me; and my arms were the only things that seemed to be quite enjoying themselves (only because they didn’t have much to do). It was like running for a bus I was never going to catch.  The 30 seconds couldn’t end fast enough.

The whole thing felt very untidy and undignified.

Mustn’t grumble.  It’s only once a week.  At least it wasn’t raining.



  1. i think the rain is here to stay for a while so best make friends. I ran the other day for about 2km and couldn’t walk for the rest of the week. 6.7km is FANTASTIC. keep it up. I will cheer from the warm dry comforts of home

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