Saturday – Week 4 – Iron Cove in the Rain

Didn’t get to Iron Cove last night so went this morning. Neil brought the bike so he could measure how far I went in 40 minutes.

A word about weather.  In Scotland, rain is a constant but it tends to be a grey, drizzly miserableness.  Sydney rain is different.  It all comes down at once, like someone emptying a bucket over your head. It generally lasts a max of 10 minutes.

So although it was wet outside, I assumed it would have cleared by the time I got started.   Well, it didn’t.  I started and so did the rain. And it kept going for the full 40 minutes, winding itself up into ever more frenzied downpours.

I stopped evading puddles and floodings and just went straight through them – I couldn’t see them in the dark anyway. The skirt on my skort (it’s complicated) was flapping around like a wet horseblanket.  I also now get why we have eyebrows. The earphones for the Ipod kept falling out of my ears and Elvis Costello’s ‘Oliver’s Army’ had a distinct urgle-gurgle sound to it – like it was being transmitted along a piece of string attached to a tin can being dragged along the bottom of a lake in India.

Neil stopped at each km point and waited for me so I would know what a km felt like. He was soaked through and frozen.  He tried to find places out of the rain but all I saw was that he kept appearing out of the bushes so assumed there was some kind of bladder or prostate problem.

As soon as the last track on the playlist stopped, so did I.  I’d jogged 5km in 40 minutes.  I know this is too slow, but really, wow.   Me, ‘jog’ and ‘5km’ in the same sentence. That’s a first.

Neil then pointed out that the easiest way back to the car was to carry on and finish the circuit.  Nooooo.  But he cycled off* and I didn’t have any choice but to struggle on.

So today I did the Bay Run.  6.7km by Neil’s calculations in probably an hour.  I never thought I could do something like that.  And although it was a bit uncomfortable, I really enjoyed the rain – it was so ridiculous it was funny. Certainly something I’ll never forget.

*  This is a very effective way to end an argument a discussion.

Thanks to Neil for being so patient and supportive – I can’t think of many people who would do what you went through today.  And also to Andrew Smith for his expert guidance – and for his calmness and common sense when dealing with histrionic, possibly over-tired, new runners.



  1. So impressed you have done the Bay Run! Makes me think ‘what’s my excuse? And ricotta cake is not the dinner of champions – but hey whatever works 🙂

  2. Oooh I dunno – ricotta cake represents all the the major food groups. Do you think they’d sponsor me? Me + cake shop. I get cake, they get a walking (jogging) advertisement for the wondrous efficacy of their product – ‘You Too Can Look Like This’. Very aspirational. Definately mutually beneficial.

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