Tuesday – Week 4 – The Hideous Truth

This morning’s effort at 4×10 mins induced some sort of hysterical reaction involving a lot of toys being chucked out of a very large pram, culminating in an enraged email to my colleague Andrew asking ‘WHEN DOES IT GET EASIER????’

He broke it to me gently. It doesn’t. I was horrified.  What, you mean it’s like this every time?  Yes.  What, right until the very end?  Yup.


I thought there’d be some magical point where it would all become a lot easier, a lot less sweaty, even a bit enjoyable and I’d be different – turning from the running equivalent of an ugly duckling into a swan. But now I realise that I’ll never be that swan (sniff, lower lip trembles, weeps quietly into hankie).

I’ll go and have a lie down.  I’ve had a big shock today.



  1. Not sure if Andrew is right. It’s not getting easier because u r pushing yourself more each week. From 10 min to 40 min. Each time u do more than what ur body is use to it gets harder. If u constantly do 40 min it will be easy. The prob is that u are aiming for 21 :O

    1. Hi Linda – Andrew did point that out – its just that I’ll always be pushing myself and it’ll never feel easy (oops starting to whinge again)

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