Friday – Week 3 – 30 Minutes

I was so worried about doing 30 minutes without stopping that I got 2 hours sleep last night.

I wasn’t feeling very confident but, as the England rugby coach once said before a match where they were expected to get gubbed by the All Blacks*  ‘well, we can’t not turn up’.  That’s how I felt.  I’ll turn up; it’ll be terrible but I’ll turn up.  Typically Scottish negativity with subtle overtones of doom-laden Eeyore.

Howard’s advice about the first five minutes always being awful helped a lot, plus the awareness about not being too tense.  I also went very slowly seeing as Wednesday had been all about running out of steam.

I’d set the Ipod up with a special playlist so that I just keep going until the music stopped. It was the best thing I could have done – no need to bother with trying to see my watch in the dark.  All the songs were 4-5 minutes so at the end of each one I knew I’d done a good chunk of time.  If I was still going when ‘She’s a Genius’ started, I’d have done 32 minutes.

And then it started.

I nearly stopped in shock. Couldn’t believe it.  Hauled out the Ipod thinking that I must have selected the wrong playlist but no, it was on Jog 30 and we were on the last song.

Just amazing.

* unfortunately the All Blacks lost.


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