Wednesday – Week 3

Today’s effort was a bit of a disaster.

I was struggling from the start. Deciding to go a different route, I had a very small hill at the beginning instead of my easy downhill. I was completely stuffed after it.

By 5 minutes I couldn’t see how I was going to get to 10 minutes without stopping. I didn’t feel right at all and had absolutely no energy. The 2nd lot of 10 mins was just as bad and the last set was done at a real shamble, just dragging myself along.

In retrospect I learned a lot:

  • I was probably over-confident after Monday and started too fast then ran out of puff
  • small changes in the route will probably have a more marked impact at this level of unfitness
  • I don’t vary my pace if I’m going up any sort of incline – I just barge at it and expect it all to go ok
  • a yoghurt and 2 glasses of wine the night before doesn’t provide enough energy for a run the next morning (duh)

I’m a bit embarrassed about the yoghurt and the plonk.  I had done the same thing on Monday  – not eaten enough during the day then cycled to an aerobics class and couldn’t understand why I had no energy, no balance and no coordination.

Lessons learned.

Friday’s supposed to be 30 minutes non-stop.

That’ll be fun.



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