Thursday – Week 2

I knew as soon as I got out this morning that I was going to be in trouble – it was far too warm and I had a top on that seemed to retain heat.  It was just something else for my head to drone on about as I hirpled along the banks of the Parramatta River in the dark.

When I can get my focus off how uncomfortable I am, how hot I am, how sweaty I am, how I’ll never get any faster etc etc I see how beautiful the world around me is at this time of the morning.  I often think that I’m so lucky to live here in Sydney – I could still be sitting in the rain and miserable grey skies of Edinburgh.  Being out at this time of day is really special.

Back to the jogging – the now familiar effort, slog and sweat.  Another lot of 5×5 mins.  Have no idea how I’ll manage 4 x 10 mins on Saturday.  Just feels unlikely if not impossible.

Towards the end, just when my pace and technique (such as it is) have dropped to a shameful new low, Status Quo starts up on the Ipod and I get some energy from somewhere.  It only lasts for about 25 seconds but I finish a bit more smartly and more cheerfully than I would have done.  The effect of music on motivation.  Someone must have done a dissertation on it.

Starting to feel very smug these days when I get back home and Neil’s still zonked out in bed.  Although to put it in context, he does cycle 150kms every week to and from work.  Not exactly a couch potato and definitely not inert.  My hero Neil, Pinnacles WA🙂


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