Thursday – Week 1

Monday and Tuesday I was quite stiff and my hips ached.  But it’s been fine since.  Really didn’t want to get up this morning, could quite happily have not bothered at all.  So not quite sure how I managed to get up and out at 5.30am.

Realised that a sock drought is looming – more socks needed soon.

I’m going to take my Ipod with me – it would be good to drown out my head telling me how really useless I am at this and how I’ll never, ever be able to do 21kms when I can barely do 5 minutes and that I should really give up now.  Yes now.  I always want to believe it – especially in the first 3 minutes because I know it’s going to get harder.

Anyway, this morning was quite warm so very sweaty (I loathe sweating) and my hands got very hot so every so often I waved them about a bit, which must have looked demented.  There’s no dignity.

It felt difficult today – I was hoping for it all to have become magically much easier.  After all, it’s the second time I’ve done this.

Got home bright red, mega sweaty (sorry) and completely knackered.

Now I’m worried about Saturday – it’s 3 x 10 minutes.  Can’t really see myself being able to do that.


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