Saturday – Week 2

Had been a bit anxious about this one – 4×10 mins with 1 min recovery in between. Out at 5.40am to a dark, cool, blowy morning, spitting a bit of rain.  Perfect.

Immediately felt a stone in my shoe – sat down on the pavement and took off my 2 pairs of socks but couldn’t find anything.  Put them back on, stood up and it was still there.  I must have been in some sort of “I need to get this over with” daze because I just decided to get started anyway.  Whatever it was eventually disappeared.  How neurotic.

For the first 3 minutes my head droned on about giving up, it was already too hard and it was just going to get worse, blah blah blah.  And of course it got worse but there were bits when I realised that I was in some sort of rythmn and could probably keep going at that pace ok.  It was very, very slow – a sort of  zombie dead zone between walking and jogging-while-asphixiating.  Neil can walk faster than this.

Haven’t got the ipod sorted out yet.  I’m going to put songs together that last 10 mins to make it a bit easier – I hate trying to check my watch all the time and even with the backlight on it’s not very readable.

Nobody out this morning except for a bloke on a bike.  I missed the loping running girl – it’s nice to be able to say hello to someone.

It was an effort but after 40 odd minutes I got to stop. And once my heart rate had slowed down enough for my brain to kick in and do some thinking, I was quite surprised at myself.  This is only the end of week 2 and I can sort of jog for sort of 40 minutes.

Next Saturday is jogging non-stop for 30 minutes which feels a bit daunting but I’ll worry about that on Friday night.


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