Saturday – Week 1

I didn’t sleep well and was up ahead of the alarm, quite anxious to get this over with, mainly because I thought it would half kill me and/or I’d have to stop and give up.  If that happened, I wasn’t confident that I’d persevere with the goal of the half marathon.

Today was the 3 x 10 minutes with the 1 minute breather in between.  I just couldn’t see myself being able to do it – the 5 minute jogs were me at the end of my tether so how was this going to work?

I got started and within 10 seconds my head started nagging me to give up.  For some reason I didn’t feel very comfortable – probably due to some plonk the previous night. Anyway, the nagging continued.  After a while, I stop to check my watch under a lamp and found I’d been going for 14 minutes!  I was really shocked – no way would I have thought I could do that.  So I totter along for my minute’s walking and set off into the next set of 10 minutes.  It’s hard but I’m still going at the end of it.

As I start the last one I know I’m going to make it even though I’m knackered.  I don’t have to go fast (ha ha as if!) I just have to keep going.  And I do.  Just as I turn off the path to walk back  home, loping girl hurtles past and I give her a wave.

I’ve really surprised  myself.


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