Monday – Week 2

Right, I’m organised this morning.  Alarm at 5.30am, fall out of bed, into clothes and off down the road before I know what’s hit me.  It’s another day of 5×5 minutes with 30 seconds recovery this week instead of a minute.  Because I can’t see my watch properly the timings all end up a bit vague but I’m not going to worry about it.

Finally got the Ipod sorted out with playlists.  Neil had helpfully put on every AC/DC track known to man but also added Delta Goodrem for some reason.  Bit of a nightmare scenario there.

Very unnerving going straight from ‘You Shook Me All Night Long’ to ‘Lost Without You’.   The sudden lurch from rock gods to wailing, drippy, hormonal female results in frantic fumbling to locate the Ipod, peer at it hopefully (no glasses) and try and find Alice Cooper, the Proclaimers or let’s face it, ANYBODY else (no offence Delta).  And keep running and breathing at the same time.

The only other banned song is Van Morrison’s ‘Bright Side of the Road’.  I’ve tried but  I can’t get from bleary to cheery in 3 minutes flat at that time of the morning.

So now I’ve got a decent set of rock songs to keep my mind off what I’m doing. They also drown out the rather alarming sound of my own breathing.  I don’t smoke but it sounds as though I’ve been on 3 packs a day for the past 10 years.

Back to the jogging:  I was quite disappointed when I got home.  It’s still really hard even though I’ve been doing it for oh, a week.  Haven’t had any runner’s high endorphin thing happen yet – I live in hope.  The best bit of the whole jogging thing is when I get to stop and switch the playlist to ‘cool down’ and I can just walk for 10 minutes on the way home.  I really appreciate walking now.

Onward and upward.


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