Monday – Week 1

First day of training schedule proper.  5 x 5 minutes with a minute in between each run to breathe.

I’m up and out by 5.40am.  This is the first day I’ve got the heart rate monitor on but in the dark I can’t read the watch and I can’t remember how to switch the backlight function on.  Every so often when I think 5 minutes is up I stop and peer at the watch as I can’t see it very easily without my glasses.

The pace is funereal and the style shambling but it’s my best effort for the time being.  It goes quite well really.  I thought with the amount of effort to just do 3 minutes, 5 minutes would be nearly impossible.  It was hard but it was ok.

More people around today; loping girl, man-with-dog, man-on-bike.  The mornings are getting darker –  it’s a pleasure to be outside to see the dawn.  There’s a point when I turn back along the path and the CBD is lit up under a pink sky.  And then the rivercat slides past going up to Parramatta.  If I didn’t have to keep remembering to breathe I’d be able to spend more time appreciating it.

Anyway, Day 1 wasn’t half as bad as I thought it was going to be.



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