Hello world!

Watching the thousands of runners sweep past at the start of last year’s City to Surf, I felt inspired.  I thought ‘I want to do that’ but my next thought was  ‘don’t be daft – think of your knees….your back…..your age…… and you’d look HIDEOUS in those shorts’.  So I didn’t do anything about it.

But this year, when an email arrived for the SMH half marathon I thought ‘why not?’  So I signed up on the spot.  Two minutes later, all the justifications as to why I’d fail to achieve this arrived – the usual negative stuff which I cheerfully refused to acknowledge.  Then I looked at the training schedule and, not quite so cheerfully, realised I didn’t have quite enough time to do it all, plus it assumed some level of prior running experience.

My husband then emailed to say that the bank had contacted him over a suspicious payment on the credit card as half marathons don’t fit our spending profile. Ha ha ha.  He’s undermining me again.

Whatever.  I’m giving it a go.



  1. Hi Grace: Whatever you do don’t give up. If I may offer a little advice from one who has done a fair bit of running/jogging in a previous life: The first five minutes or so of any run is ALWAYS dreadful because that’s how long you need to warm up, once your system has adjusted to the change of pace and shifted a gear to take account of the oxygen deficit things should get a bit easier. Also, once you have warmed up try relaxing ( it took me a long time to work this out) – the problem many people have (including moi) when they’re running long distances is that they physically tense up and that makes running harder. Next time time you go out for a run (once you’ve warmed up) think about how your whole body feels, does it feel stiff and tense. If the answer is yes then try and actively relax the muscles in your trunk/arms neck etc. I know that probably sounds counterintuitive but if you can do it it really helps, well it helped me anyway.
    Good Luck

    1. thanks Howard – hadn’t thought through why the first bit is hard but that makes sense. Just surprised to be in week 3.
      Can’t give up now – I’ve paid the entry money – Neil would kill me!

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