Beginning at the Beginning

I’m going to use the SMH training guide.  This is the beginners’ version but assumes that you already run thousands of kms a week.  Yes, well, I’ve got to start somewhere, but even so, it’s all a bit daunting.  And I don’t have the full 14 weeks either.

The last time I jogged (I’ve never really run) was probably in 1999 and the most I’d ever achieved was 2km on a treadmill.

The plan starts with 5 x 5 minutes with a 1 minute walk in between. I was going to start the training schedule properly on Monday so I thought I’d try and do 3 x 3 minutes   (just to see if I could) before keeling over, chucking in the whole stupid idea and going back to bed.

Thursday:  up at 5.30am, jammed on crappy old trainers, did nominal stretching of  random leg muscles and set off.  Living at the top of a hill, I thought that jogging down it would be cheating so I only started properly at the bottom (of course, now that I’m in week 2,  I start as soon as I’m out of the sodding front door).

Well…. it was hellish.  It’s amazing how much sweat’s involved in going from a standing start to 3 minutes worth of very slow jogging.  It was a grim reminder of how fitness doesn’t really mean very much if you can’t even even use your legs to propel your body only slightly faster than you would normally walk.

There was only 1 other person out and she was running with a lovely long, loping stride.  We nodded hello and off she hurtled while I shuffled on in a lather of sweat and agony.

I can’t say I enjoyed it but I’d amazed myself by being able to do 9 minutes in total of not-joined-up jogging.

On Friday morning, and I really don’t know how this happened, I found myself on the wrong side of the front door at 5.30am AGAIN. This was a real surprise as of course, I’m essentially inert.

So, back down the hill in the dark.  Another 3 x 3 minutes of oxygen deprivation.  It wasn’t any easier this time – which naturally I had expected it to be.  Just as I was crawling along on the last of the 3 minute legs, I heard a noise behind me – I realised that I was about to be overtaken by an old man walking a dog!  I was so horrified I shuffled a bit faster and got away from him.  I’d love to say that I just picked up the pace and left him for dead but it’s soooo far from the truth.  Maybe one day.

Just before my last 3 minutes were up, when I was utterly knackered and it was all getting a bit much, running girl lopes past and says “well done!”.  This completely made my day and cheered me up immediately, so much so that I managed to go a bit faster for the last 10 metres (you wouldn’t have noticed with the naked eye though).  That finished me.

No more running till the Monday.



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