Sunday – a rest day

Today is a rest day although I’m awake at 5 as Neil is going off canyoning in the Blue Mountains and didn’t have time to pack last night.  He will have forgotten something because he always does.  Hiking?  Forgets his boots.  Or a boot.  Skiing?  Forgets his gloves.  Rock climbing?  Remembers his harness but forgets his shorts so puts his underpants on back to front and goes anyway.  You wouldn’t want to have been belaying that day.

I could have gone to a Pump class this morning but I’ve left it too late.  Shame. According to the training guide this would have been cross-training which is sounding a bit serious.  Moi, cross-training.  Who’d have thought?  But I didn’t so I haven’t.

Instead, I’m going to Kmart to acquire more socks.  Last week’s additional 2 pairs just weren’t enough. And I’ll need more for the cross-training as well….

I have acquired my first blister.  So proud.

Never a dull moment at the sharp end of half marathon training.


One comment

  1. Grace, I really love the way you write….the amount of INTERESTING info, the highs, the lows, the witty turns of phrase. I feel like an intimate, inside your head and sharing your dream. It’s just wonderful to hear the way you view the pain , the sweat, sock deprivation and most importantly, the real breakthroughs and vistories. May long loping strides come your way some time soon. Keep on keeping on! YOU are inspirational. Michael

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