Month: March 2011

Week 6 – Thursday – Not Running

After a tentative 20 minute jog on Wednesday morning and an ongoing aching instep, I came to the conclusion that my foot is stuffed.

Google suggested an ice pack so I put together a bag of ice cubes, a tea towel and some fetching blue string.  Neil loved it because it didn’t cost anything.  It didn’t work though.

Home-made sore foot solution (useless)

Tried some stretching but it was probably too little too late.  Then spent a day of pathetically-hoping-it’ll-get-better-on-its-own.

Today, Andrew suggested that I ask a physio what to do.  Brilliant!  So off to Bend & Mend who’d fixed my shoulder for me earlier in the year.  The foot/ankle was massaged (not as much fun as it sounds – OW) and strapped and I was told no running until next week.

So the Lindfield fun run on Sunday’s out – Neil had a minor nervous breakdown when he realised that that’s $33 absolutely wasted.  I’ve been put on porridge for a week and he’s hidden the credit card in his sporran and welded it shut.

I like a challenge.


Week 6 – Monday – Stretching Might Help More than Gin

Today I cycled home from work (15km) in lieu of running this morning as my instep’s not right yet (where are  my new trainers

The running seems to have made a difference to my overall fitness because I overtook a girl WHILE GOING UP THE SPIRAL ONTO THE ANZAC BRIDGE.  This is truly historic.  True, I thought I was going to cark it on the bridge as my lungs were going to explode.  And Neil didn’t help by shouting ‘she’s catching you up’ which played to my over-developed competitive instincts.

I also overtook 2 other people and got home in 45 minutes – I’ve never gone that fast.

And usually when if I cycle home my face is bright red but tonight I was only a bit pink. That was a surprise as well.

Re my ‘injury’; Linda asked what I did when I got home from Saturday evening’s run.  I said I sat down with a gin & tonic.  She looked appalled – what no stretching???  Well, no not really.  This may be my mistake.

Will see how the foot is tomorrow have a go at a jog in preparation for Sunday.

Week 5 – Sunday – Yoga

Went to yoga with Neil this morning as feeling very creaky after yesterday’s magnificent achievement.  I was expecting some sort of blissed out gentle stretching but no, it was one of those yoga nazi classes.  Neil and I looked ruefully at each other as we struggled to get our right leg behind our left ear while balancing on a broken toenail.  At least we both struggled.

Afterwards, straight into a cafe for coffee and a cake, so any good that was done was immediately undone.

I’ve signed up for the Lindfield fun run (spot the oxymoron) next Sunday – the 10km section.  This may be a bit optimistic but I know I can do 5km so will just give it a go.  My head’s already started on the ‘you do realise that you’re going to be overtaken by people walking?’ and ‘the 10 year olds will leave you for dead’. Andrew has said that it’s quite a hilly course but if it all gets too much I’ll just slide off and have a coffee somewhere.

Not going to do any activity today.  My right instep is sore so will Google how to get it better.

Week 5 – Saturday – 1 Hour and a Recipe

I didn’t go out this morning – after a long week at work we had home-made pizza and a bottle of plonk last night so went out this evening instead.  Neil came with me for the first 10 minutes but he could already feel his back hurting so I switched on ‘Jog 50’ on the Ipod and off I went on my own.

Went way round by the ferry and Cape Cabarita – I love the jog along the river but I needed a change.   Really surprised at how far I could get in an hour.  And it wasn’t too bad.  There was a bit 20 minutes in when I didn’t think I could manage another 40 minutes but I kept going and the next time I looked at my watch there was only another 25 minutes to go.

I didn’t sprint as such for the last song but I definitely went a bit faster – I was completely buggered by the end.  My 30 minute cool down walk felt very well earned.  Neil later told me that he hadn’t meant ‘sprint for the whole of the last song’, just the last bit before you stop.  Oh.

Realised that I’ve had the dates mixed up and I’ve gone from 3 minutes to 61 minutes in 4 weeks and 2 days.

Neil’s just said ‘someone’s feeling a bit smug today isn’t she?’

Yes she is.

Week 5 – Rethink

I’ve just had a look at the post about Thursday and it sounds rather flat.  I was really pretty cheery afterwards – perhaps just a bit wary that it might  be another flash in the pan and it would go back to being dreadful tomorrow.

Tomorrow’s supposed to be 30 minutes but I’m going to try for an hour.  50 minutes feels a bit nearly-but-not-quite.

I reserve the right to change my mind though 🙂

Week 5 – Thursday – 50 Minutes

I just couldn’t get up this morning.  The thought of another 40 minute joyless slog plus 10 minutes packed with additional excitement and challenge (ie more slog) wasn’t very appealing.

I took a slightly different route today as it’s getting a bit monotonous just dragging myself up and down the same old stretch of river. Also put a new playlist together with a bit more variety on it, creatively titled ‘Jog 50’.  The arrival of the last song took me by surprise as usual – and I managed to run a tiny bit faster to finish.  It hadn’t been too bad; much better than Tuesday’s grim plod.

Neil asked me how it had gone and I was a bit lukewarm about it but he pointed out that  5 weeks ago I could only do 3 minutes at a stretch, and now I can do 50.  This is quite something.

Looking forward to getting my new trainers from the UK.


Tuesday – Week 5 – A Burst of Speed

Week 5.  Err, gosh, this is a bit of a surprise.

The schedule for today said 30 mins non-stop but, because I’m the type of person who likes to push themselves (Neil’s right eyebrow rises ever so slightly), thought I’d try another 40 minutes non-stop, seeing as I was so brilliant on Saturday.

In the now familiar pattern of things, it felt hard this morning. When I started off on Saturday I felt great despite the torrential rain – it all went downhill quickly of course – but today I could tell early on that it was going to be another joyless slog.

Most of the mental anguish is because I don’t accept things as they are. The reality is that, yes, it’s a struggle, but I feel that it should be easier, I should be better by now; I should be more racehorse than cart-horse. But I’m not and that’s it; shut up and get on with it.

I worked this out while running this morning so that in itself is an improvement. I can now run, breathe and think rather than just run / breathe.

Neil said to try and put on a burst of speed towards the end of any training session. So I did it today for the last song and now have a new speed setting to add to ‘imminent stall’ and ‘slow’ – it’s ‘unsustainable gallumph towards community plastic bag holder for dog s**t’.   It still counts as progress.

Just another sparkling facet of life at the pointy end of half marathon training.

Happy birthday to my friend Suzanne in Florida – have a lovely day – miss you 🙂